No worries for guests first time on snow ! In the "beginner slope", there is a moving belt which is free to go on for free and you can practice with peace of mind as you can climb safely and comfortably. You can enjoy slope changes and bumps with simple course layout. In addition, jib items (artificial objects such as rectangular boxes and rails called "rails") and jumping stands set up in various places are easy items for beginners to challenge.
In "Chibiko slopes", it is divided by the net as sledding · Snow leisure dedicated slope, so you can enjoy with parent and child with confidence. A large restaurant with 300 seats. There is a kids space where children can play corner , smoking rooms are also installed . From authentic Japanese menu such as curry and set meals, we have various kinds menu.

About 30 minutes from Matsuyama IC Route 33 to Kochi direction Misaka street (free) and turn left at the exit.
About 3 hours from Takamatsu Down to Matsuyama Expressway / Matsuyama interchange
About 2 hours from Kochi National Route 33 towards Matsuyama
About 3 hours 30 minutes from Tokushima Go down to Matsuyama Expressway / Matsuyama Exit.


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